Sunshine at last!!

Sunshine at last, how lovely, it really makes you feel much better to be in the fresh air and sunshine.
Hopefully my paddocks will dry up a little now, as I am seriously fed up of the mud, I lead my two boys up to the stables today as I wanted to get them both groomed and tidied up a bit. They seriously looked like a couple of bog monsters and it took a couple of hours to groom them, I enjoyed it though as we had a lovely sun spot in the yard and the radio was playing some decent tunes in the background.

Kai and Splash were getting groomed up ready for a visit from Genevieve Joyce, for any of you that are not familiar with Genevieve, she is an Equine Osteopathic and Sports Massage Therapist that works between the UK and abroad.
I am so pleased that I was at my stables a few years ago and saw Genevieve with one of the other livery horses, I was so amazed by the difference in the horse after a session, that I decided to have my boys looked at as well.
Since then I have Gen out every year or every six months depending on any issues or problems with my boys.
Recently as mentioned on my Atypical Myopathy page, Kai had a huge battle with the disease in October last year, due to the poison affecting the muscles, when finally given the all clear from the vets, I called Gen out to check for any soreness etc.

After the session today, I must say Kai has gone back to his paddock a much happier horse than when he came up. He is understandably a little run down after his illness and needs six monthly checks with Gen to be sure I am doing the right rehabilitation methods with him, to bring him back into some very light work. Surprisingly he has a small amount of stiffness through his shoulders but is thankfully doing quite well, I think I was expecting him to have quite a few more issues so was pleasantly surprised. Splash is fine and just loves the attention of the session, eyes closed falling asleep, totally relaxed, its lovely to watch. I cant really praise Gen highly enough to be honest, I am sure that you will feel the same if you book a session for your horse.

All in all its been a lovely day and we even managed to fence some more of my next paddock off, ready for the sheep to go in for a few weeks before the horses, I am doing this as another precautionary measure with regard to the Sycamore seedlings. As the sheep eat them without any problems and this is obviously much safer for my boys.

I hope you have all been enjoying the sunshine xxxHorsePhoto by Vincent Botta on Unsplash