I wonder how many of you can remember a time, a wonderful time when all you did was think about horses, hope, pray and have everything crossed that some day you could be the luckiest person in the whole world and actually have your very own horse. Well this dream was mine, ever since I was a little girl absolutely nothing was as beautiful to me as a horse, I would literally spend hours dreaming of the day I would have my very own horse to love.
Growing up I would live and breathe horses, helping anyone nearby with any jobs, mucking out, poo picking anything at all just to be around horses, the smell was and still is one of the best smells in the whole world.
I remember the day many years ago when I actually had my first pony, Major he was gorgeous, a real gem of a pony who learned me so much. Major was a loan pony, but to me he was my very own for many happy years and I loved him to bits. My dad made me a saddle horse that I kept all my tack on and every single day I woke up I would look at my saddle horse loaded with Major’s tack and feel that happy, it was a total dream come true.
Many years have gone by since then but my love for horses has never left me, I now have two horses and every single day I think how lucky I am to have them. They really do involve a lot of hard work, dedication and a lot of money, I work hard to make sure my boys have the best of everything and looking for a good place to keep them is one of the biggest things. I would love to have my own land and stables one day, but in the mean time I have found a livery for them that I am happy with.
I have done a lot of research into different liveries and one of the biggest problems that people are having is unfriendly or negative people on their yards, this is unbelievably sad as I’m sure the majority of horse lovers can remember a similar dream to my own of actually having a horse.
This situation is wide spread amongst the majority of liveries, in fact I will say that not one single person that I have ever known on a livery yard has ever been able to say that all the owners actually get on and enjoy their horses without some form of negative behaviour, some of which is actually abusive and very hurtful.
Life in general is a gift, life with horses is a gift that should be cherished, I go to my livery to spend quality time with my horses, to me that’s what its all about. So if anyone is having trouble on a livery please remember why you are there, if your horses are happy and well looked after, then you are doing a great job, be positive and others will probably do their own thing and hopefully try to be positive as well. Be who you want to be, feel inspired by others that have the true passion of genuine horse lovers, the people like myself who are always covered in mud or hay but are truly happy spending time with their four legged possibly very hairy horses.
The true meaning of a horse is written in this poem…The Rainbow Bridge for Horses.

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